“Remember success often rides the coattails of failure”. In conversation with Sunjay Kapur

“Sunjay Kapur, philanthropist, entrepreneurial mentor and the creative force behind CNBC’s Masterpreneur India. In a free wheeling chat with us, reveals what make him tick, his philosophy, his passions and the many shades of the man.”Sunjay Kapur for ifoodee

1. Tell us in your own words, the most inspirational thing you could say to a budding entrepreneur?

Always follow your passion; be unafraid to make all the mistakes you need to learn. Success comes to those who are undeterred by failure. Remember success often rides the coattails of failure. And only after several tastes of failure, will you finally succeed. It just makes that feeling that much sweeter. Surround yourself with role models, great people you would love to emulate, let them mentor you. A business goes through different stages and different types of leadership are required to manage the different stages.  Know when to let go.  Most businesses fail because they cannot manage high growth.


2. According to you, which is the most lucrative industry worth eyeing at currently?

That would definitely have to be the ecommerce industry. Given the fact that internet penetration in India is increasing exponentially every day, and people are definitely getting more comfortable, more accustomed to transacting over the net. Also given the rising disposable income in the country, this particular industry has an unlimited growth potential.


3. Your favorite cuisine?

Japanese and South Indian.

The food tastes even better than it looks!

4. How do you unwind after a hard day’s work?

An old fashioned, hard-core workout is my answer to the stress and strains of the everyday grind. I love the feel of sheer effort and the blood pumping through my veins, undoubtedly no better feeling in the world.

5. Tell us one thing that the budding entrepreneurs are doing wrong and how could they correct that.

There’s just one mantra that a budding entrepreneur need remember; live, breathe, eat, sleep (and repeat) your business. Money isn’t the goal; its a happy by-product of success. Make success your focus and money will follow. Most importantly though, do something only because you absolutely love it. No other reason, and this is the only way you will succeed!

Their simple cooking techniques that result in an epic meal.

6. Your most favorite eateries around the world.

Ukei Tai, Ginza in Tokyo

Bill’s in New York

Wasabi in Delhi


7. Five books you think every individual must read in his/her lifetime.

The Outliers

Malcolm Gladwell

Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner


Too Much of a Good Thing (a book on parenting)

Jan Martel’s Life of Pi.

8. Your thoughts on the current content marketing scene on digital networks.

Content is king they say, and it’s never been truer than now.  There’s too much out there so yours better be good.  Your content better make sense and it better serve the purpose for what it was put out to do.  Also, with so much going on people don’t have the patience.  Get to the point in the first few lines.  Keep it simple.

9. Could you tell us about your first association with Polo as a sport.

I was eight and a half and was in the Chicago area and went to watch a polo match with my parents.  It left a big impression on me ever since.  After that I started very late in life (at 32).  If you have the passion for it and the determination anything is possible.

Sunjay Kapur for ifoodee10. Lastly, a few inspirational words for our readers.

I once read a quote that has always stuck in my mind: “in business you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate”.


You could follow Sunjay Kapur on @sunjaykapur

You could also like his page, https://www.facebook.com/SunjayKapurOfficial

Or visit his website, http://www.sunjaykapur.com


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