An interview with Mrs. Renu Kapoor

Hey there Foodees. How are ya? We know its been quite long since we have spoken. But as they say.”Its never late for some meaty interviews, is it?” 🙂 Today we would shift to a rather more serious and fun conversation with Indian Institute of Jewellery’s Project & Strategic consultant and Director, Mrs. Renu Kapoor. You know we pick the best out there and serve you fresh on this blog. So get a little more educated as we take you on a ride to the Land of Jewels.

Renu obtained her BA (Hons) in Economics from Lady Sri Ram College and subsequently qualified as a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and was a practicing CA for 20 years. Her areas of expertise were the Foreign Exchange, Company Law Affairs and appearing in the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal. She has 30 years experience in Project conceptualization and development, strategy implementation and systems with special expertise in education, joint and collaborative ventures.

Renu Kapoor for ifoodeeRenu has been a consultant to several businesses while in practice and thereafter, has been responsible in setting up Vocational Education Institutes in the areas of

Para Planners for the Finance Sector Hair Dressing

She is currently the consultant to Modern India Limited and Nalini of Nalini and Yasmin businesses and is also the Director of Indian Institute of Jewellery.

She was responsible for engineering the technical collaboration of the Indian Institute of Jewellery with the Garware Institute of Technical Education, University of Mumbai for launch of a Post-Graduate Diploma in Jewellery Management.

1.     What interested you to pursue a career in consulting?

Well that’s what I have been doing all through my professional life, first as a Chartered Accountant and now as a provider of turnkey solutions for setting up projects in education which I have been doing since the last fourteen years.

Manual Jewellery Design at The Indian Institute of Jewellery
Manual Jewellery Design at The Indian Institute of Jewellery

2.     Since how many years have you been associated with IIJ and how does it feel?

IIJ was conceived by me and therefore has a special place in my heart. It was an idea that got translated into a reality only because of the futuristic vision of the promoter and Chairman Mr. Vijay Kumar Jatia.

3.     What has been the most memorable milestone you would like to share in your term with IIJ?

There are several! A student’s feedback and their success is what really make me feel fulfilled. However the technical collaboration with the University of Mumbai for the Post Graduate and Undergraduate Programs was a huge milestone. Also the fact that we were invited to write the curriculum for the Ministry of Labour and Employment under the VTP scheme was extremely encouraging.

Jewellery CAD Design at The Indian Institute of Jewellery
Jewellery CAD Design at The Indian Institute of Jewellery

4.     What’s your take on IIJ as an institution?

At the cost of sounding biased I would say that IIJ with its state-of-art infrastructure and consistent attention to content development is one of the leaders in jewellery education in India. It is an undisputed fact that most of the faculty at other institutes are in fact trained and certified by IIJ.

5.     How will a student benefit if he enrolls into IIJ?

At IIJ, the emphasis is on the learning outcome and not teaching. The student, from day one is inspired and motivated to learn and be self reliant as all the curriculum is project based. They work in a simulated workshop environment which is most unlike the typical classroom method.

Our students are empowered and at the end of the program are surprised at how much he or she has learnt when they actually start working in the industry.


Jewellery Manufacturing at The Indian Institute of Jewellery
Jewellery Manufacturing at The Indian Institute of Jewellery

If you had to recommend IIJ courses to a student, how would you try to persuade him/her?

I am very clear that passion is what must drive the student’s decision to look at the Jewellery industry as his or her career path. There has to be a natural instinct towards jewellery. Everything else can be learnt. I would need to assess the reasons for them wanting to look at this industry as a career option and then only advise them the course.   Persuasion is not what we use at IIJ. We advise them and on occasions we have advised a student to opt for one of our basic programs to assess his or her interest before enrolling themselves for the long term career program.

7.     What other roles you play besides being the director for IIJ?

Well I am a mother and a wife as also I am a consultant to a few other clients, as well as a partner in a firm wherein we do varied type of assignments as also offer turnkey solutions from concept to the final project for both schools and Professional institutes.  I am also am a dancer. I recently did my arangetram and I am currently in the process of finishing my book which I plan to launch next month. Its called ‘Serendipity – Mantras for a family“. I am an active member of FICCI FLO and a passionate volunteer of an NGO called Paramparik Karigar.

8.     What are the future plans for IIJ in terms of courses and expansion?

Gemmology at The Indian Institute of Jewellery
Gemmology at The Indian Institute of Jewellery

We have several plans which I would not like to share as they confidential, but definitely will endeavor to retain the status of being the leader in jewellery education.

9.      Are you a big time foodie?

Yes we as a family love food and a lot of our outings rotate around the cuisine we wish to eat.

 10.  What’s that favorite food item that you don’t mind having everyday? 

Any type of sea food

11.  Would you like to share with us few of your favorite eatery places in Mumbai?

Royal China, the South Indian restaurant at Babulnath and a few dishes from Kareems.

We don’t want to get in the way of you and IIJ, so here are all their contact details 😉 | |

You can call them on +91 22 6744 4350

Cheers! Happy Eating!


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  1. Venugopal Kaikulath says:

    I know Mrs. Renu Kapoor personally as I worked under her as a steno. I have always felt that Renuji reflected the potential Indian womanhood could rise to. Renuji, apart from being professionally highly educated, is able to run institutions flawlessly taking along partners and co-workers on the sweetest of relationships. No amount of work is too much for her and yet she never seems harried, always finding time to help others. On top of her busy professional career, she dedicates quality time for public causes. She balances her career and public spiritedness with bringing up a beautiful family. She is a yogi par excellence – a beautiful person and a powerhouse. She is indeed a role-model for Indian womanhood.

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