Fifty Five East. Grand Hyatt surely knows what to feed and feed GOOD.

Yo foodees,

Been away for quite some time. I don’t know about you guys but I missed it. Well the show must go and YEPP it went on nice and smooth. Read up.

Its a very busy day. I am planning the ifoodee seminar, putting things up in place. Hopping from my office to the event manager’s office. Finalizing Presentations. Reasoning out with Sponsors. As busy as I could be. Rushina meets me online (Oh, you will know her better by the end of this post 😉 ) and invites me to cover the New Fifty Five East (Restaurant & Bar) at the Grand Hyatt and I willingly said Yeahh… Well, remember ifoodee’s first Video Interview with Nisha JamVwal at the Celini… yepp since then The Hotel and me share this bond. Yepp, and Fifty Five East? Confused? Well, its named after the area code and area direction, i.e… Grand Hyatt is in Santacruz East and its Pincode is 400055 🙂

Its a Friday evening, I hustle fast, trying to reach on time. Drive like a maniac. Arrive at the Hotel and enter the Restaurant.

Fifty Five East, Grand Hyatt for
The Stairs.

The picture says it all. The interiors grasped my attention as I walked down the stairs. I just cannot explain how spectacular and warm a place this is. I turn to my left and I see a my fellow bloggers seated with Rushina who i greet as I made my way towards the Table. We hugged, I thanked her for this great evening and she looked excited trying to tell me “its just getting started Nitin, why don’t you rest till you meet some of the most interesting food bloggers and writers this Country has produced.”

Rushina is a well known Gourmet Chef and runs her own blog :

I grabbed a seat, Rushina helped me order a fine Yellow Tail Shiraz (Red Wine). I moved my eye balls around. Its better you check the pictures below… They shout AWESOME…

A round of introductions commenced. I met :

Harini (

Shaheen (

Jyotika (

Atish (Animation Artist & Social Media Expert)

Javed (Well known Food Writer)

Vikram (

Snigdha (

Nikhil (

The list is long… Lets Eat…

Oh yes, forgot, also tried some Hummus with Pita Bread. It had a bland top base with a very tangy middle and lower base. A passable appetizer for a fine place like this. Kept on munching on this while I introduced myself to everyone on the table.

Fifty Five East, Grand Hyatt on
Tempura & Shitake Rolls (sushis too)

We started by taking a tour around the place, visited Sushi Station. The chefs were on their feet crafting the most tempting looking (and tasting) sushis, handrolls, tempura rolls, salmon and tuna slices.

We moved on, insisted the Sous-chef to blow the fire up a flame while he worked on authentic thai fish appetizer (as you can see below)

Fifty Five East, Grand Hyatt on
Fire up baby.

Moving on, we reached the Indian section with a well laid Buffet of what this country feeds best. Guess, Harini shall put more light on this on her blog 😉

Got back to the table and started with the sushis. I was sampling the Tuna & Salmon Sushi, The Tempura and The Sweet Shitakan. The Salmon and Tuna seemed bland than regular Sushis but the Tempura and the Shitakan were good.

Fifty Five East, Grand Hyatt on
Ladyfinger, Salmon & Tuna (sushis)

Moving on, I sampled the Thai Red Curry with Thai Sticky Rice and some Thai Potato Chips. I also sampled some authentic fish starter which was simply HEAVEN.

More conversations followed. Had a very nice chat with Vikram Doctor (Economic Times – Food Editor) and also persuaded him to write for us for which he replied that he is in a contract and can’t do that. But still, guess WORTH A SHOT 🙂

I must thank Rushina for the excellent selection of wine. It moved on well with the food and also the desert, which I must tell you was the highlight of the evening. It was a decent mix of Gulaab Jaamuns, Barfis, Pancakes and my favorite – Creme Brule. I always kept wondering, how is that the crust is formed on the top of the Brule. I even asked this silly question to the Dessert Chef, to which I was expecting a weird frown saying “You run a food portal and you don’t know?“. Well, kind enough of the chef to actually demonstrate it for me. Voila… I learnt. Got the PHD I wanted for the Brule 😉

Fifty Five East, Grand Hyatt on
Chef firing the bad boy (the Creme Brule)

Came back to my seat and had a very long discussion with Atish Tripathi and Nikhil Merchant.

It was time to go… Rushina gifted each of us a very cute Cell phone accessory. Believe me, I was thrilled to have got that. Felt like a kiddo who just got a return gift in a small shiny box 🙂

Time to say Good Bye. I know this post showed more than it spoke and am glad that I was invited by Rushina to have come and check this place out. On behalf of, I totally recommend this place. Its a mix of worlds. Be it Cuisine, Ambiance but also the decor.

All the best Anupam (Marketing, Grand Hyatt). Thank you again Rushina. And a very big hug to all my fellow bloggers who all happen to be excellent cooks. Way to GO…

And yepp, Please don’t complain of less pictures, the slideshow below shall make you happy 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, foodees. Must be wondering about the seminar i spoke about when i began the post. Yepp, it will happen soon and the update shall be posted. Invitations and Registrations are on its way, you shall be notified.

One more thing. Fifty Five East is the place to be this weekend. Call up Hyatt on 022 6676 1234 and book a table now !

Until then, Ciao Ciao.

Happy Eating ! 🙂

Created by : Nitin PR


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  1. Nice Post dude. Ifoodee is back in action after 3 months. Going to visit back for some more updates/

    PS. good pics am hungry now…

    1. nitinpr says:

      Why don’t you sign up for email updates and rss.

      The updates will come to you 🙂

  2. Nachiketa says:

    Came from Simran’s. What a lovely post and space you have…. really enjoyed reading it….It’s nice to meet fellow bloggers :)That’s why, the posts Lunch at Deeba’s and Upper Crust Food n Wine Event are my fav :)Cheers,The Variable, Crazy Over Desserts – NachiketaCatch me on facebook @ Crazy Over Desserts

    The Variable, Crazy Over Desserts – Nachiketa
    Catch me on facebook @ Crazy Over Desserts

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