ifoodee’s first Web Show, Meal a la Celebrite – Episode One : Lunch with Nisha JamVwal

Hey Foodees,

ifoodee.com is growing and its popularity is catching up. Presenting the portal’s very own Web TV Show featuring celebs sharing their cool thoughts and truly having a blast.

Check it out. Its right here. Do leave your comments.

Name of the Show : Meal a la Celebrite

Episode : One

Guest : Nisha JamVwal

Video Duration : App. 27 minutes.

Certification : U/A

Disclaimer : The following show has been filmed with the prior permission of the venue and the guest and the content of the show is not meant to harm or hurt any sentiments consciously. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely co-incidental.

Fun, was’nt it?

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Till the next episode with yet another interesting celeb.

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Happy Eating.


19 Comments Add yours

  1. K C Chandra says:

    Nisha JamVwal, hats off to your knowledge about taste.
    I thought you are an Architect,Fashion Designer & Journalist of highest reputation but you are a connoisseur too.

  2. suunil says:

    brilliant work,simply amazing outstanding………….keep it up……………………………

  3. neena says:

    hi great work, enjoyed it thouroughly……..hats off you are FULL of suprises..never a dull moment , your knowledge amazes me keep it up!!

  4. Advocate Sagnik Basu says:

    The knowledge and the spirit is very good and apprecitable. So written just few words for you.

    The splendid attitude that shows the indepthness of a sparkling beauty in every luxorious aspects of life. Represents a complete beauty.

    L’attitude magnifique qui montre la indepthness d’une beauté étincelante dans tous les aspects luxorious de vivre. Représente une beauté complète.

  5. Hero Bodha says:



  6. Mita Gangoly says:

    nisha .. what do i say … simply superb .. by the way i love the tiramisu at The Grand Hyatt and i was drooling .. i am a foodie myself but stay away from carbs 🙂
    and i loved the chunky finger ring that you were wearing on your right .. beautiful piece ..
    take care …cheers !!

  7. Arvind sabharwal says:

    there words :))
    KEEP IT UP 🙂

  8. Armaan says:

    wel wat can i say abt u gal…. u Rock nisha …! ! ! gud goin gal….incredible work……..may u get much more sucess in future……..

  9. Shiv says:

    Hi Nisha,
    Interesting video. Got to know a lot about your past, present, tastes, likes, dislikes. One thing is clear, you being an Indian are fortunately not like a typical Indian women. Probably because you have lived all over and have been brought up in a different environment and culture.
    Nice to see and I envy too, that you do what you think and dream.
    Suggestion, (being a foodie) try the breakfast in Grand Central, Parel. The spread is the best I have ever had in my life atleast in an Indian Hotel.
    Also if you are a foodie, then Rajasthan is a good place for Indian food. Except that you willl have to burn out extra calories it will add around you.

  10. Pran says:

    hi Nisha it is veri nice…….

  11. Hi Nisha,
    It is a veryInteresting video. you mentioned a lot about your past n present, tastes, likes, dislikes. Being an modern Indian women you have lived all over and have experienced the entire cultures of the world by tavelling.
    I envy you, that you dream, later think and work on it to achieve your goals.
    Well you got great taste in Food and if you are a Foodie then you must try some great tastes from Cuisines in Hyderabad
    Also if you are a foodie, then I am sure you”ll love to have a Laham Mandi and other Arabian Meals. Looking forward to see somemore good shows and tips from you.
    “All the Best”.

  12. Very outstanding web.
    The message here is really important.

    I will give it to my friends.


  13. Hesham says:

    Amazing work, it’s not surprezing to see wonderful work from you, we used to that from you just keep on congratulation

  14. India Pheonix says:

    Great Fun

  15. Niket says:


    What an video Nishaji…….
    awesome , fabulous..mind blowing…..
    its shows a cup of water from the sea of your talent and creativity..

    Keep it up….

    Director , Live radio

  16. Vijay Shah says:

    Made for interesting viewing, and have enjoyed the flesh and blood interaction that comes forth by this food interview of someone we have seen only in pictures, because the Page 3 interpretation is very limited of a person who is so multitalented that Nisha you need to be seen more often, the real person is much greater than the picture, more humane, more beautiful.


    Nisha ji
    Im watching it,u r sooooooooooooooooooooo cute n a very simple person indeed.U spoke from ur heart, plz do cum online once n plz send me ur cell no,if u like.Im ur fan from now.My cell no. is 0-9810154957.I proud to b ur FB friend n forget me not plzzzzzzzzzzz.
    Jitender Singh Jamwal

  18. annanya.D says:

    Hy Nisha…wht do i say…u hv tremendous knowledge about diff food n taste…. u really rock…hats off to u….. Im impressed and convinced 🙂 u r a package of all good things………….Love u.

  19. KARAN BHARTI says:

    Im watching it,u r sooooooooooooooooooooo cute n a very simple person indeed.U spoke from ur heart, plz do cum online once n plz send me ur cell no,if u like.Im ur fan from now.-.I proud to b ur FB friend n forget me not plzzzzzzzzzzz.i want to make u my fb friend would u be?

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