“Kajol is fun to dance with…” Sandip Soparrkar admits over a cool cuppa gossip with ifoodee.com

Sandip Soparrkar for ifoodee.comDear foodees,

Its amazing that we get to chat with such important and successful individuals from various walks and fields of life. One of them is Mr. Sandip Soparrkar. An ace Dancer, super graceful Performer and a Choreographer par excellence. Everyone thinks of him and his performances when the word Jazz, Ballroom dancing and Salsa comes up. Mr. Sandip has opened his Ballroom Dance Studio which provides various Corporate and Individual dance packages and forms that we had to say, that talent is just a step away ; )

His recent work in a Britney Spears video has shook the globe.

Training the stars who we gaze at with awe when they move their hands in super jazz style. Ladies and Gentleman, lets hear it from the Master of Dance himself, Sandip.


1. Dance, your take on it.

Sandip Soparrkar for ifoodee.com

For me dance is life, dance is the way I can express my self the best,  it’s my stress relief,  It’s my joy, it’s my happiness. It’s many a times a bit of stress too coz it’s my profession, so I have a mixed feeling regarding dance.


2. In a nutshell, tell us the journey that you were on from being just Sandip to Sandip Soparrkar’s, Ballroom studio.

Well, after finishing my dance teachers course and education in Germany,  I came to India on a holiday 8 yrs back… and my holiday is still on. Sandip is still the same.. just that people look at Sandip differently now.

3. The most flexible and fun to dance with Celeb 😉


Sandip shaking a leg with Kajol
Sandip shaking a leg with Kajol

Fun to dance with celeb …Kajol… she is full of life and is so energetic that she can put any youngster to shame. She exuberates talent not only on screen but even on the dance floor.


Sandip and Hrithik take a break from shooting for Kites
Sandip and Hrithik take a break from shooting for Kites

Flexible.. Priety Zinta and Hrithik Roshan… they both are super flexible… their bodies are so strong and muscles so flexible that they can move it in any direction.. Its great for a dancer (chuckles).

4. Food, an ideal part of your routine back in your cheffing days, please share some yummy secrets with us from that time.Sandip Soparrkar for ifoodee.com

Ha ha yes I am a Hotel Management graduate.. did my MBA.. worked in a hotel.. in the corporate world too… those were good days too… I would cook great food for a party,  different Non veg dishes and cakes were my specialty…. In my college I was called the King of Parties, not just for cooking good food for all but also for my cool Party organizing skills. Well now its been almost 10 years I have not even seen how the kitchen looks.

5. Places in Mumbai you love to visit to have the following cuisines.

Sandip Soparrkar for ifoodee.comI do not like to go out so much… guess this question is not for me… the only place I visit the most is.. Marriott… coz my son and Jessy Randhawa my girlfriend love the hotel for everything… And its close to my house too… but still let me try to answer your question:

a. North Indian:  Machaan (my son loves the décor there) and Saffron at JW Marriott

b. Sushi: Spices at the JW Marriott (Jessy loves sushi)

c. Italian: Mezzo Mezzo at  JW Marriott

d. Chinese: Mainland China

e. Bengali: Oh! Calcutta

Sandip with Britney Spears
Sandip and Britney Spears


f. South Indian: I am half south Indian (my mother is a South Indian).. so home is good for this

g. Chaat: Only Parathas

h. Sandwiches: Bombay Baking Company at JW Marriott

i. Kebabs: Saffron at JW Marriott

j. Coffees and Muffins: Bombay Baking Company at JW Marriott


Sandip and Bipasha shooting for a FA deo commercial.
Sandip and Bipasha shooting for a FA deo commercial.

6. Ghar ka khana aur bahar ka khana?

For me its Home food all the time

7. Power lunch or Power breakfast, what rocks?

For me both,  as being in dance I need to eat well at all times.

8. Picture this, you wake up to be absolutely alone in an unknown planet, what would you store in to eat till eternity?

Chocolates… Dark chocolates

9. World’s greatest cook ?

Sandip and Kangana

Me… but now that I have quit… right now I would say jessy… she makes awesome besan laddus… rajma chawal… my favourite ladies fingers (bhindi) veg… yummy.. my mouth is watering just writing about it..

10. Hmmm, Please share a recipe of something you made best.

Oil less chicken…marinate cut and cleaned chicken in curds, ginger garlic paste and some required spices and salt…, take a non stick pan and brown the well chopped onions (without) .. put finely chopped tomatoes.. cook for a while.. add more spices if one likes it spicy… add the marinated chicken, cook till chicken is tender… garnish it with coriander leaves…and tomato slices…

It tastes same as an oily chicken… ha ha..at least for me..


Sandip and Jessy
Sandip and Jesse Randhawa

Let me give you another very fast and simple recipe kids would love to make it.. dark chocolate:

Take 500gms of cream (home malai), 500 gms of dark chocolate powder, and one tin of milkmade, and some dry fruits… put all together and cook till… it leaves side of the dish… set and eat… its so yummy… you will die eating it… its awesome.. .

There was a time I would make this and live on this… ha ha..

11. Some cool tips for our foodees out there…

One can make everything at home.. just try it… just for a change going out is fun… but nothing better than a home cooked food..

A glamorous interview indeed. Food, celebs and lifestyle come to the next level. For all those who would want to know more of Sandip Soparrkar’s Ballroom Studio and learn dance the jazz way, log on to www.ballroomindia.com

Until next time, keep eating and reviewing on www.ifoodee.com Lets eat up !


Nitin PR

PS: Loads of celeb interviews coming up, do watch out for this space 🙂


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