Onir Anirban is a foodee – An exclusive interview.

Onir Anirban on an exclusive interview with ifoodeeifoodee gets to chatting with Film-maker Onir Anirban who has changed the way Indian Cinema breathes its story and content. With My Brother Nikhil, Bas Ek Pal and recently released Sorry Bhai in his kitty, Onir believes that Mumbai is truly the Melting Pot for all cuisines that Planet Earth has to offer and he loves it here.

Picture : Raj Suri

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Q1. When did your addiction to good food actually start?

I think I grew up as a boy enjoying good food and wanting to know about the process of how its made since both my Mom and Dad loved cooking and experiment with new recipes.

Q2. Picture this, it’s a boring long day and you really need to step out of your home/office, where would u crash to and why?

I would land up at my friends place and spend the day playing with his one and a half year old child. That is the best recipe whenever I need to distress and feel good.

Q3. Your list of the most fab places to dine in Mumbai.

I like to dine at Olive, Del Italia, Oh Calcutta and sometimes at this tiny eatery in Lokhandwala called Steaming Momo’s which makes the most delicious momos.

Q4. Your most relished cusine and the place that serves that to its best.

Bengali Cusine at Oh Calcutta

Q5. Following attributes of a Restaurant you care about when you dine.


I care

I don’t

Food served hot and on time


Location near my home


Portions are just right


Not too crowded


Updated decor


Food festivals


Healthy menu options


Fun for kids


Q6. Do you like to cook?

I enjoy cooking.

Q7. Where did u go to dine on your first date? 😉

I was a student in Berlin and we went to CAFÉ EINSTEIN

Q8. Any cool tips for our foodees who love to dine and party but also keep a close watch on their pockets.

Well am not too much of a party person ….. but I like going for a drink to Hawaiian Shack. Like the music and the ambiance. moreover the cover charges are drink/food coupons which makes the whole experience more pleasant. Love the music there.

The other day I went to this place called Sanskriti in Inorbit Mall .It has Gujarati cuisine (thalis). For Rs.150 its amazing food. I love the way they keep coming back to you and insist you eat more…almost like home. The only not so attractive aspect is you feel like you are attending THE BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING…. the que is huge and you are expected to eat quickly and leave because the next “batch“is waiting….

The place that i frequent the most is probably Oh Calcutta…. It’s the BONG connection I suppose. The shorshe bata mach(mustard fish), kosha mangso (mutton), luchi and the payesh….among other things keep calling me back….


Hmm… food sure has no limits. We do know now the best place for some good Bengali food and finger licking Gujarati Thali. Thank you Onir.

Do keep coming back to check on more Celeb interviews and Foodie gossip.

Till then, Happy Eating!


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    Hi, Nice blog and well informative..thanks for the good one…

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    1. nmhoon says:

      Hello Santhosh,

      Thank you.

      I am not too sure, you could check the languages supported before you download th same.

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