“Remember success often rides the coattails of failure”. In conversation with Sunjay Kapur

“Sunjay Kapur, philanthropist, entrepreneurial mentor and the creative force behind CNBC’s Masterpreneur India. In a free wheeling chat with us, reveals what make him tick, his philosophy, his passions and the many shades of the man.”


“Far from being stuck in a timewarp, pr

“Far from being stuck in a timewarp, print design seems to be more vibrant than ever before in 2013. Print designers aren’t holding back, but experimenting more than ever in order to get their designs noticed. The cost of print may be high in contrast to sharing a design online, but the aesthetic of physically…

#DidYouKnow : Each year on 4 February, #

#DidYouKnow : Each year on 4 February, #WHO supports International Union Against #Cancer to promote ways to ease the global burden of cancer. Preventing cancer and raising quality of life for cancer patients are recurring themes. We salute the initiative against the world’s most dreaded disease which is now on its way to cure very…

An interview with Mrs. Renu Kapoor

Renu obtained her BA (Hons) in Economics from Lady Sri Ram College and subsequently qualified as a Chartered Accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and was a practicing CA for 20 years.